Type: Bloodhound

Age: 5 years old

Sex: Male

Weight: 120 pounds

Color: Red

House Trained: Yes

Health: Getting better (see history for more information).

Copper’s journey began as a cherished family member, but life’s twists led him to seek a new beginning due to concerns for an elderly family member’s safety, given his impressive stature. This gentle giant, with a heart as vast as his size, now looks for a place where he can spread out and share his abundant love without worry.

Copper, a lovable soul, carries a few extra pounds—a testament to his love for life and the joy he finds in every meal. He’s a social butterfly among dogs, preferring the company of those who match his size and can keep up with his playful antics. His ideal family would include older children, sturdy enough to stand firm against his enthusiastic greetings.

Despite his size, Copper epitomizes the term “gentle giant”—a noble, house-trained companion who, while not one for sleeping on the bed, loves to stay close to his people, offering comfort and protection without intrusion. On walks, he transforms into the quintessential bloodhound, with his nose leading the adventure, guided by the scents of the world.

His foster mom speaks of his soulful eyes, windows to a loving soul that speaks volumes in silence. Copper reserves his voice for moments of importance, like alerting his family to visitors, encapsulating his protective yet respectful nature. He cherishes loving moments but also values his independence, retiring to his bed when the day’s adventures have worn him down.

In Copper, you’ll find not just a pet, but a faithful companion with a story of resilience, a desire for closeness, and an independent spirit. Ready to offer his heart, he waits for a family that sees the beauty in his soulful gaze and understands the value of a quiet companion who speaks volumes in silence.

Update 4/11/2024: Copper has been scheduled to be neutered in the 22nd. He has also completed Heartworm treatment. He is estimated to be available for adoption after May 1st. 

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Hi Admirer of All Hounds!

At the moment, Copper is under our care, however AHRF is ready to support and accept more hounds in need of rescue. We believe every hound deserves a second chance at love and a happy life. We are dedicated to providing these hounds with the care and attention they deserve. Contact us if you have any information on hounds needing rescue or if you need to relinquish a hound from your care.