Black & Tan Coonhound


Type: Black & Tan Coonhound

Age: 5

Sex: Male

Weight: 60

Color: Black and Tan

House Trained: 100%

Health: approved for adoption by Veterinarian

Let’s extend a warm and loving welcome to Cadbury as he joins our rescue family! Cadbury is a Black & Tan Coonhound who has faced some tough times. He found himself in an overcrowded shelter, having to share a kennel with five other larger dogs. We want to express our gratitude to Kathy Peacock and the Peacock hound pack for providing Cadbury with some much-needed companionship during this challenging time.

Cadbury is now en route upstate to stay with Blane & Jennifer Stutes, where he will receive more care and attention. While at their home, he will undergo an evaluation, receive treatment for his ear infection, and rebuild his strength following his neuter surgery. Our ultimate goal is to find Cadbury a loving forever family where he can thrive and experience the happiness he truly deserves.

We are pleased to share that Cadbury has undergone a successful neuter surgery, received treatment for his ear infection, and received a clean bill of health during his evaluation.

Cadbury is a special pup who thrives in the company of other dogs, so a home with canine companions would be ideal for him. Additionally, a fenced yard will allow him to explore safely at his own pace.

Cadbury is a bit on the shy side and would flourish in a patient and understanding home where he can gradually build trust and confidence.

Cadbury is 100% potty trained, making him a well-mannered addition to any loving family.

Help Us Find The Perfect Home for Cadbury!

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