hound Mix


Type: Hound Mix

Age: 7 years old

Sex: Female

Weight: 31 pounds

Color: Red, and White

House Trained: Yes

Health: Up-to-Date on vaccines and medically cleared.

Annie was discovered alone emaciated in Osceola National Park. Since, she has made a remarkable turnaround. Now thriving on a special diet of mostly wet food to accommodate her dental care needs from past neglect, she’s up to date with vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped, with a clean bill of health, heartworm-free.

Despite her gray-whiskered visage, Annie bursts with youthful energy, perfect for an active family. She’s an enthusiast of the great outdoors—whether it’s hiking, jogging, or beach walks, Annie is your steadfast companion. She’s as content as a co-pilot in your car rides, always ready for the next adventure.

Bred for hunting, Annie astonishingly shows no interest in prey, preferring peace over pursuit. However, she thrives on daily exercise to stay joyous and avoid mischief. A large, secure yard would be an ideal paradise for playful dashes and delightful ‘zoomies’.

Annie’s single mood is joy, offering affection freely and cuddling close without a second thought. Her mornings are a spectacle, greeting the day with what looks like a jubilant ‘leprechaun kick’. Her love for praise is only matched by her love for attention.

She meets all with enthusiasm, although a bit of a jumper in her excitement. While she hasn’t been tested with small children, her energy suggests she might suit a home with older kids. Annie enjoys the company of other dogs, playing with a rough yet harmless glee.

Her past is a harsh contrast to her bright nature, likely having spent her life confined and overbred until abandonment. Certain reminders, like crates and high-pressure water, still scare her, revealing the shadows of her history. Yet, she’s learning life’s happier lessons now: playing with toys, mastering commands, house training, and, most importantly, trusting humans.

Annie is on her way to being housebroken, understanding her potty breaks with impressive aptitude. Her resilience shines, not just in overcoming a troubled past, but in embracing every new day with love and happiness.

Ready for a life of shared adventures and unwavering companionship, Annie is more than just a pet; she’s a testament to the healing power of love and a potential best friend for life.

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At the moment, Annie is under our care, however AHRF is ready to support and accept more hounds in need of rescue. We believe every hound deserves a second chance at love and a happy life. We are dedicated to providing these hounds with the care and attention they deserve. Contact us if you have any information on hounds needing rescue or if you need to relinquish a hound from your care.