Type: Coonhound

Age: Approximately 2 years

Sex: Female

Weight: 45 pounds

Color: Red and White

House Trained: Yes

Health: Veterinarian’s Assessment Pending

Hi everyone.  My name is Ivy. I am a petite coonhound. They think that I am about 2 years old. I was found running in the national forest with 3 other hunting dogs. We were all taken to the shelter but I wasn’t microchipped and had no collar so I couldn’t find my way home.  I really didn’t like the shelter because it was very loud and scary for me. I laid in the corner on the floor curled up in a tight ball.  Everyone passed me by because I wouldn’t get up to say hello.  After a month of sleeping on the cold, hard floor, All Hound Rescue of Florida sprung me from the slammer and gave me my freedom ride to the good life.

I am a little shy and timid when I first meet new people.  It takes me a little time to warm up to strangers. But once I do, I am the best hound.  I love to go on walks.  My foster Mom says that once my nose hits the ground that it shuts the power off to my ears and I can’t hear anything.  When I get on a scent, I will follow my nose and forget everything else, so it is best for me to stay leashed when I am not in a fenced yard. But that is okay because I walk well on a leash.  I like being around other dogs.  I am not sure about cats because where I am camping out at, there are no cats. My foster sister, Macey, has shown me how to be a pet and to potty outside.  I am working on letting my foster family know when I need to go out but if you take me out often, I know to do my business outside.  I know how to share my food with my sister and sometimes, even though we have different bowls, we eat out of the same bowl with no problems.  I have learned the comfort of a pet bed and really like it.  Sometimes, I will hop on the “big” bed with my foster family and sleep but I really like to stretch out so I will most times sleep on the floor.  My Mom says I am a people pleaser.  I am always trying to learn the family routine and I look for guidance and reassurance that I am doing just what you want.  I love treats but I am still a little shy about taking it from a hand. If you put it on the floor, I will take it and find a quiet place to enjoy it.  I never got to play with toys when I was a hunting dog, so I am not real sure if I like them.  Maybe you can be the right family to show me how to play?

I go to see the Vet soon and hopefully I will be getting my spay surgery.  No puppies for me… WEE!!  Once I recover from my surgery, I will be ready to find my forever home.  Do you have a spot in your heart and your home for an active, fun-loving hound like me?

More of Ivy’s history is coming soon.

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At the moment, Ivy is under our care, however AHRF is ready to support and accept more hounds in need of rescue. We believe every hound deserves a second chance at love and a happy life. We are dedicated to providing these hounds with the care and attention they deserve. Contact us if you have any information on hounds needing rescue or if you need to relinquish a hound from your care.